We Are Very Sad To Report About TRAGIC DEATH Of this beloved ROCK STAR

A DRUMMER Brit Turner is well known for being in the country rock band Blackberry Smoke.

The famous drummer died, and here’s what we know about him.

What was Blackberry Smoke’s Brit Turner’s real name?
Brit Turner was born in Mount Clemons, Michigan, and he played the drums.

Brit went to both Kennesaw State University and Emory University before becoming a drummer.

He helped start the country rock band Blackberry Smoke with Charlie Starr, Richard Turner, Paul Jackson, and Brandon Still in 2000.

Blackberry Smoke has put out eight studio albums and two live albums over the years.

Brit Turner stayed with the band until he died too soon.

He was also the CEO of Merch Mountain, the business he started in January 2012 and ran himself.

What kind of cancer did Brit Turner have?
The drummer from Michigan died after a long battle with brain cancer.

Brit was told in 2022 that she had glioblastoma by Blackberry Smoke.

The band wrote on Instagram, “It is with the deepest sorrow that we inform everyone that our brother @britturner13 has passed on from this life.”

“If you knew Brit in any way, you know that he was the kindest, most caring, most driven, and most endearing person you could ever hope to meet.”

“Brit was Blackberry Smoke’s True North, the compass that instituted the ideology that will continue to guide this band.”

Who was Brit Turner married to?
Brooke Sorrells Turner was married to Brit Turner.

It was their 20th wedding anniversary on February 25, 2024. “20 years married to the love of my life…” Shannon wrote on Instagram.

“This is what I deserve, and I’ll take it.” I’m Brit Turner. Enjoy your anniversary.

“The easiest and most natural thing for me to do is love you.” People often say that marriage is hard work, but we always say “not for us.” I will always love you.”

They had a daughter together, whose name is Lana Jean Turner.

Lana has played parts in TV shows like Stranger Things, Doom Patrol, and Sweet Magnolias.

Brit Turner started the Lana Turner Foundation in December 2020. Its goal is to “raise money to support art, music, and storytelling programs for children across the United States who are receiving treatment for pediatric cancers.”

His daughter was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma in 2009, which is what made him want to start the foundation.

Lana’s cancer went away in 2011, two years after she was first diagnosed.

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