Popular Singer Collapses on Stage, Passed Away in Front of Audience

Fans are left stunned and a family is left mourning after a popular gospel singer performing in Brazil collapsed on stage.

According to reports, Pedro Henrique was on stage performing for a packed venue when he collapsed mid-song. The show was being live-streamed on various social media platforms.

Videos show Henrique standing at the front of the stage engaging with his audience and asking them to sing along when he unexpectedly collapsed. TMZ reports that in that moment Henrique suffered a massive heart attack.

The singer was pronounced dead at the scene. A statement shared by his label on Instagram read, “There are very difficult situations in life for which we have no explanation.”

“We just need to understand that God’s will prevails! Pedro was a happy young man, a friend to all. An only son. A present husband and a super dedicated father. The Christian music sector is in mourning. The Todah Music family is in mourning. Heaven in chorus welcomes an illustrious son: Pedro Henrique! So long, dear brother! So long! May the Holy Spirit comfort everyone.”

Heartbreaking, Pedro and his beloved wife Suilan Barreto, recently welcomed their first child into the world just two months ago. A baby girl they named Zoe.

Our hearts break for them.

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