Beloved star has tragically passed away today. “My heart is in my stomach, I’m so saddened by this news praying for her family”

Someone who made videos and songs for YouTube died suddenly at the age of 30.

A message on Alexandra’s Instagram page said she had died. She was known as Pretty Pastel Please.

People have said that the Australian influencer’s death came as a shock and happened quickly.

“This comes as a shock to all of us,” the statement said. “Her family and friends have asked for privacy while they deal with their grief.”

“We would ask that you respect their wishes – they appreciate all of your support but need time to heal in private.”

There was a picture of the influencer smiling with the statement.

It’s been very sad, and thousands of fans have sent their condolences and sympathy.

One person on social media said, “I’m honestly so upset by this news.”

“I watched Alex for so many years, she began to feel like a friend.”

“My heart is in my stomach, I’m so saddened by this news praying for her family,” one person said.

“Seeing her grow and change over the years feels so unreal,” a third fan said.

She told her fans that she would be streaming on Twitch three days a week weeks before she died.

She also posted touching pictures of herself holding Archie, her beloved parrot.

More than 120,000 people followed Alexandra on Instagram.

With more than 690,000 subscribers, she also had a YouTube channel.

She posted everything from reviews of products to vlogs.

This video of Alexandra eating only food from Japanese 7-Elevens for a week got over 4 million views.

She announced last year that she had reached the big goal of 1,000 Instagram posts.

Her excitement grew when she reached 3,000 Twitch followers.

“I’m a world away from who I was six months ago and God it feels so good,” said she.

Once the influencer was told she had obsessive-compulsive disorder and ADHD in 2022, she opened up.

In a long social media post, she talked about how she came up with the name Pretty Pastel Please.

“Pretty Pastel Please is a persona born of trauma, deflection, and mental illness,” she pointed out.

“A bright colorful character that can look past their pain and put on a smile.”

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