A Mother’s Love: Remembering Skye

When Millie Smith and Lewis Cann discovered they were expecting twins, their excitement was immeasurable. With twins running in their family, Millie had a hunch that she was carrying two babies.

Her instincts proved to be right. The ultrasound confirmed her suspicion, but it also revealed devastating news – one of the babies had anencephaly, a terminal disorder affecting the development of the nervous system.

Despite the heartbreaking prognosis, Millie and Lewis were determined to cherish every moment with their precious daughters. They named their little angel Skye, symbolizing a place where she would forever reside in their hearts. Skye lived for a fleeting three hours, during which time her parents showered her with love, marveling at her beauty and treasuring her presence in their lives.

After Skye’s passing, Millie felt a deep sense of isolation as if her baby had been erased from the world. The memories of Skye gradually faded from conversations, leaving Millie feeling invisible in her grief. This lack of acknowledgement was painful and added to her heartbreak. Millie longed for a way to honor Skye publicly and ensure that nobody else would experience this crushing silence.

With this desire in mind, she created a simple yet powerful solution – a sticker for incubators, displaying a purple butterfly to represent the loss of one or more babies in a set of multiples. Butterflies symbolize the babies that flew away, while the color purple represents both boys and girls. This initiative soon grew into The Skye High Foundation, a platform promoting awareness and support for families who have experienced similar losses.

Millie’s foundation has reached hospitals around the world, spreading the message of the purple butterfly initiative. The foundation offers a range of purple butterfly merchandise, including meaningful gifts and accessories. Through this foundation, Millie hopes to provide support for grieving parents and establish a network of support groups to ease the pain of losing a child.

“While I cannot prevent this tragedy from happening, creating a support system and implementing initiatives like the butterfly stickers can make a significant difference. Losing a child is one of the most heartbreaking experiences anyone can endure,” Millie shared.

Today, Millie’s other daughter, Callie, is a vibrant seven-year-old. Millie’s journey from heartbreak to empowerment is a testament to a mother’s love and strength. Skye may be gone, but her memory lives on through the purple butterfly initiative, ensuring that other families find solace and understanding during their darkest hours.

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