Legendary actor passed away at 48

The actor’s representatives confirmed the sad news on social media, saying that he had gone to heaven.

He was best known for his roles in the Sci-Fi Channel show Eureka and the ABC fantasy drama series Once Upon a Time. Fans and celebrity co-stars wrote tributes to the character actor’s life and work.

Who was Chris Gauthier, and how did he die?
Chris Gauthier was a character actor in Hollywood who was best known for his work in science fiction movies and TV shows.

Character actors, on the other hand, are known for playing strange or offbeat supporting roles.

His IMDB page showed that he had been in more than 100 movies before he died.

He was born in Luton, Bedfordshire, England, on January 27, 1976.

He was born in Canada, grew up there, and now holds Canadian citizenship. He lived in Vancouver.

Since 1999, Gauthier has been acting.

His big break came when he played Vincent on the science fiction show Eureka, which ran from 2006 to 2012.

He also played Malcolm Ross in eight episodes of the 2009 horror mystery show Harper’s Island.

In addition, Gauthier played William Smee in the fantasy adventure show Once Upon a Time and Winslow “Toyman” Scott, a LuthorCorp Technician, in the TV show Smallville.

TVLine was told by Gauthier’s manager that he “passed suddenly and unexpectedly after a short illness.”

The cause of death has not been found yet.

“We can say for sure that Chris Gauthier, a dear friend and client, died this morning.”

“Chris was a well-liked character actor from Vancouver who shared his skills with many of us on TV and in movies.”

“Not only his fans, but also those of us who had the chance to know him better” felt his loss, they said.

“On behalf of his family, we do ask for privacy at this time so they can grieve properly.”

After it was announced that he had died too soon, tributes from his co-stars poured in.

Cast member Colin O’Donoghue, who played Captain Killian “Hook” Jones on Once Upon a Time, wrote about it on Instagram.

“Rest in peace, Chris!” “Heartbroken!” he wrote under the picture.

“Erin and the boys are in my thoughts and love!” Brother, we will miss you! “You were the real captain!”

Adam Horowitz, who runs Once Upon a Time, tweeted, “So sad to hear of Chris Gauthier’s death.”

“Such a nice, sweet, and smart person. “I will miss you,” he said.

Chris Gorham, who worked on Harper’s Island with Gauthier, also talked about X.

“Another good man gone too soon,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Happy to have worked with Chris, and my love goes out to his family and friends.” “Rest in peace, buddy,” he said.

What movies did Chris Gauthier appear in?
Chris Gauthier was in a number of Hollywood movies.

Even though he was better known for his roles in movies, he was in many other ones during his 22-year career.

His first movie role was in 40 Days and 40 Nights, a raunchy romantic comedy released in 2002.

He was also in the scary movies Freddy vs. Jason, Riding the Bullet, and The Butterfly Effect 2.

He also played lead roles in The Foursome, The Sandlot: Heading Home, and the 2010 horror movie The Traveler, which starred Val Kilmer.

Gauthier was great in science fiction and had parts in many sci-fi shows, such as Stargate: The Ark of Truth and Space Buddies.

He also played Seymour, an editorial assistant at the New Frontiersman, in the superhero movie Watchmen, which came out in 2009.

Gauthier was in two made-for-TV movies: Iron Invader, a science fiction movie on the Syfy Channel in 2011, and The Christmas House, a Christmas movie on the Hallmark Channel in 2020.

He played Phil in the Netflix limited series A Series of Unfortunate Events as well.

The last time Gauthier was seen was as a recurring character on Joe Pickett, a Paramount+ neo-western crime drama.

In the show’s second season, Gauthier came on as Randy Pope, the new head of the Wyoming Fish and Game Department.

After his death, he will next be seen as The Genie in the science fiction TV show The Triple Eight and as Jerry Costa in the horror movie Chimera’s Ghost.

Chris Gauthier, did you have a wife and kids?
Chris Gauthier is remembered by his parents, siblings, and a large group of friends and family.

His wife Erin and his two kids are part of this.

They had two sons together, Ben and Sebastian.

It’s not clear when he married Erin because they didn’t stay in the public eye very much.

Gauthier did, however, post pictures of his family on social media.

He most recently posted a picture of himself and his wife Erin at a Vancouver Canucks hockey game.

Instagram says that Sebastian, his son, was born on December 7, 2003.

On August 11, 2005, he had a son named Ben.

He posted a picture of his wife and kids celebrating Christmas Eve.

But his family liked to keep their private lives private, as shown by the fact that they didn’t have public social media accounts.

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